Trading CoinFLEX’s Repo Orderbooks

“Nullius in verba”

Since we launched the first centrally traded repo market in both crypto and the traditional financial markets, almost $30 billion USD of volume has been traded, with current daily volumes of over $500m. …

Trading Options using LP Tokens on CoinFLEX’s AMM+ Product

“When you have exhausted all possibilities remember this…you haven’t” — Thomas Edison

As many have pointed out there are several striking (forgive the pun) similarities in creating option strategies between AMMs (automated market makers) set on …

Does hash rate follow price or does price follow hash?

“When you have exhausted all possibilities remember this….you haven’t” Thomas Edison

One of the interesting questions for me when reading crypto twitters (CT’s) recent surge in discussion about the huge drop in BTC/BCH hash power is the question of whether…

Big Blocks and the Future of Payments

“I heard you say once

That a lie is sweet in the beginning

And bitter in the end

And truth is bitter in the beginning

And sweet in the end”

A great quote from a song, most likely referring to controlled substances and…

Proof of Work versus Proof of Stake and the link to Dog coin memes

Well, although I have been involved in crypto for 4 years now, one area that I know very little about and still struggle understanding is proof of work (POW) versus proof of stake (POS) and on…

BCH/BTC Trade Update: Part2

Since recommending putting on the $ neutral short BTC/ long BCH futures play at 0.018 last week, the ratio has moved to 0.025 & the trade has returned 38% (it was up 50% in the 24hrs immediately after the trade idea was published). 38% is a…

BCH/BTC to the moon?

Lots of crypto chatter over the last few weeks around the falling of Bitcoin (BTC) dominance this year from 60%+ to 53%+ as both alt coins and Ethereum (ETH) in particular continue to gain in market cap on a relative basis to BTC.

Ethereum and its…

Sudhu Arumugam

Cofounder, CoinFLEX. All opinions my own.

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